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Southeastern-USA Men Enjoying Nudity Club


SE-MEN,- Southeast-U.S.A Men Enjoying Nudity
SE-MEN membership is open to any Nudist, Gay, Bi, Male who
is invited to attend two social events and then is
approved by “The Club Committee” for membership.

“The Club Committee” is selected annually  in Janruary

for the  organizational and well-being of this all male nudist Club.
Currently five nudists and selected Club Leader(s) make
up, … “The Club Committee”.

SE-MEN members have No Dues, No Fees, No Clothing,

and No Attitudes.

SE-MEN is not clothing optional, we are a nudist Club
first. Nudity is mandatory at all private Club Events

SE-MEN offers monthly nude, male only Social Events

in member’s private homes.


SE-MEN home Events generally have a minimum quality

           2 hour “Social Time” and 4 hour “Host invited to Remain Time”.

SE-MEN offers new and prospective guest members opportunities
to experience nudity with clothing optional, during Social Time.

SE-MEN does not discriminate because of age, race, gay, bi, or straight males.

SE-MEN membership may be extended by The Club Committee after

guest attend two social events with a member.